What Happens if an Uber or Lyft Driver Causes an Accident?

As a result of evolving technology, ridesharing services such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar are becoming increasingly popular in most major cities. While these new transportation options seem more convenient and appealing, it raises a lot of legal issues. Specifically, it raises questions about liability and insurance coverage in the occurrence of an accident. Ridesharing is still a relatively new and unregulated business, so when an inevitable accident happens, it leaves us with the question of “Who is liable?” As in all car accident cases, the person bringing the claim must be able to prove liability (who was at fault) and damages (how badly the person was injured). To have a claim against Ub

The Doctrine of Informed Consent

The doctrine of informed consent imposes a duty upon doctors to inform the patient of important medical information relevant to the proposed procedure or treatment, specifically any information that might affect the patient’s decision concerning the procedure or treatment. Most medical treatments or procedures involve some risk. It is the doctor’s responsibility to explain these risks to the patient before proceeding. Signing a consent form is not enough. The doctor must help the patient understand the risks associated with that procedure or treatment. According to the American Medical Association, the following are elements of informed consent that a doctor should disclose and discuss: The

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