Are You Entitled to Workers' Compensation Benefits?

Have you or a loved one been injured on the job? The Worker's Compensation Act proves that accidents that arise out of and in the course of employment are eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits. This generally means that the Act covers injuries that result in whole or in part from the employee's work. The Illinois Workers Compensation Commission decides all claims work injuries in Illinois dealing with temporary disabiliy, partial disability, total disability, wage loss, and medical and surgical benefits. Unfortunately, many workers will encounter numerous obstacles in their search for compensation, even when their injuries obviously qualify for benefits. The legal team at Ball

What is an Easement?

An easement affects the ownership of your land and your property rights, and can significantly devalue your property. An easement is a nonpossessory interest in another's land that entitles the holder only to the right to use such land in the specified manner. An affirmative easement entitles the holder to do something on another individual's land, whereas a negative easement divests an owner of the right to do something on the property. There are several types of easements: Easement by Express Agreement: An easement can come about by written ("express") agreement and is clearly stated in a contract, deed, or will. Implied Easement: An implied easement occurs when the owner of a piece of

Has an Insurance Company Wrongfully Denied Your Claim?

Insurance companies can be intimidating adversaries. You do not have to stand alone when fighting them for the coverage you deserve. Ball & McCann, P.C. advocate vehemently on behalf of insureds in claims and litigation against all carriers. Our attorneys file claims, appeals, and pursue litigation regarding the denial of business insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and even bad faith claims against an array of insurers. If you require assistance filing an insurance claim or if an insurer has delayed, denied, or terminated your payments, contact Ball & McCann, P.C., or call (872) 205-6556 for the representation you need.

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