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Has Your Insurance Claim Been Denied? Is The Denial Wrongful? What To Do If You Believe You Are Vi

Have you or a loved one ever filed an insurance claim to obtain benefits, only to subsequently discover that your claim for benefits has been denied? Do you believe the denial is wrongful? It very well may be, as wrongful insurance denials are far more common than one would think.

Insurance companies can deny coverage for a number of reasons. Insurers can allege the claim falls under a fine print exclusion, or they can allege the policyholder did not meet a condition precedent to the contract, thereby justifying a denial of insurance coverage. Just because the insurer provides you with an alleged justification for denying coverage, that does not mean that the justification is reasonable or proper. In fact, often times insurance companies provide unreasonable and improper justifications for denying coverage in hopes individuals will take their justification for denying coverage at face value, and will not challenge the insurer's justification. This can result in an insurance claimant paying for a claim out of their own pocket even though the insurance company has an obligation to pay the claim. Do not let this happen to you or someone you care about.

If your insurance claim has been denied, and you believe the insurer's justification may be wrongful, contact the law firm of Ball & McCann, P.C. today. With vast experience in insurance disputes, the attorneys at Ball & McCann, P.C. have a proven track record of challenging wrongful denials by insurance companies, and are known for aggressively pursuing claims for full reimbursement of costs and reasonable attorney's fees pursuant to various statutory authorities. Remember, just because an insurance company states something is true does not make it true. Contact Ball & McCann, P.C. for a free consultation to speak directly with an experienced attorney who will advise as to the best course of action to obtain the insurance coverage you are rightfully entitled to.

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