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What is MedPay Coverage?

MedPay coverage, or medical payments insurance is a form of first party insurance coverage that is an extension of car insurance to cover medical expenses and other expenses. These other expenses can include replacement services, funeral expenses, and survivor’s loss. MedPay coverage is often times referred to as “no-fault” coverage, because MedPay coverage is designed to be paid by the insurer regardless of fault. This means even if a person caused an accident, that person can still make a claim for PIP coverage under his or her own insurance policy.

So who is covered by MedPay coverage? The automobile insurance policy holder, policyholder’s relatives in the same household, passengers in the insured vehicle, authorized drivers in the insured vehicle, and the policyholder and/or family members if they are injured by another vehicle while riding in someone else’s vehicle or as a pedestrian.

Each individual automobile policy sets limits for MedPay coverage, and there may be a deductible due before the benefits kick in. There are also different exclusions and strict requirements that need to be taken into consideration prior to making a MedPay claim. A person making a claim for MedPay coverage will file a claim with their own insurance company, who will pay expenses related to the accident up to the MedPay limits as outlined in the insurance policy. If another party is proven to be liable for the accident, the claimant’s insurance company will subrogate against the other insurance company if necessary. This ultimately results in the insured getting their expenses paid for relatively quickly, thereby alleviating a great deal of stress in the future.

All in all, MedPay coverage can offer a tremendous benefit to a wide range of people in Illinois if the claim is handled properly. If you or someone close to you was involved in an automobile accident, regardless of which party was at fault, contact the experienced attorneys at Ball & McCann, P.C. to guide you through the claim handling process, and ensure you get the maximum recovery possible for your expenses.

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